Blackspur 50ft Coil Garden Hose

Blackspur 50ft Coil Garden HoseIn recent years coiled hosepipes have become the preferred choice amongst gardeners with limited storage. The Blackspur 50ft Coil Garden Hose is a unique product in that when fully extended it will reach 50ft yet when recoiled it takes up no space at all.

At the end of the coil hose there is a spray gun that has a selection of different spray patterns, at the other end is a connector that allows connection to an outside tap.

If you have storage limitations or simply prefer to use a coil hose then this option from Blackspur is certainly one to consider. Stylish, ergonomic and available in a neutral green colour the Blackspur 50ft coil garden hose will look good in any garden.

Like all Blackspur products this particular hose is great value for money and can be bought for less than £10. For more information about this coil garden hose please click the link below to be taken to the retailer’s website.

Click here to buy the Blackspur 50ft Coil Garden Hose

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