Blackspur 100ft Coil Garden Hose

Blackspur 100ft Coil Garden HoseOne of the longest hosepipes on the market today is the Blackspur 100ft Coil Garden Hose. With a special coil design this hosepipe stretches and extends up to 100 feet and will recoil automatically back to it’s original size.

Coiled hosepipes have a few advantages over regular hoses such as easy storage, being lightweight and the fact they are often a lot cheaper to buy. This particular hosepipe comes complete with a solid brass fitting and there as a spray gun included. The spray gun features 4 different functions (spray patterns) which are sharp stream, gentle shower, jet or flat spray.

An ideal product for car washing, plant watering or general watering applications the Blackspur 100ft Coil Garden Hose is an easy to use product that has some great reviews.

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