Aqualean Multi-Flow Watering Spray Gun

Aqualean Multi-Flow Watering Spray GunThis spray gun from Aqualean has four different spray patterns each of which is designed for a specific type of watering. The Aqualean Multi-Flow Watering Spray Gun has a flow control function that gives precise and accurate watering.

Fitted with a standard male connector this spray gun will fit Hozelock and Draper hosepipes. Other features include a soft squeeze trigger that gives the user a comfortable experience. As you can see from the product image this spray gun is highly ergonomic and has a stylish modern design.

The four different spray patterns are shower, mist, jet and soaker. Each of the sprays have been designed for unique watering applications, for example the shower spray has been designed for lawns and plants.

The Aqualean spray gun is a new product that really pushes the boundaries of spray gun technology. Often compared with the more expensive Hozelock products the Multi-Flow gun is well worth considering. For more information on the Aqualean Multi-Flow Watering Spray Gun and to buy online at the lowest price please use the link below.

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