Aftercare of a new lawn

Lawn seed takes one to three weeks to germinate, depending on humidity and soil temperature. During dry spells it is essential to water newly seeded lawns. Ideally, use a lawn sprinkler that can be adjusted to give a fine spray which will not dislodge the seeds or emerging young seedlings.

Watch the damping off, which will show as yellowing of the young seedlings. Act promptly, watering the affected area and surroundings with Cheshunt Compound. Remove any weeds that appear at this stage by hand, taking care not to disturb the delicate young seedlings. It is important not to use weedkillers on newly-sown lawns.

When the grass is about 4cm high sweep off worm casts, then roll it lightly – firming encourages better rooting and more vigorous growth.

A few days later, make the first cut. Again, sweep away worm casts and, with the blades set high, take off about 1.2cm. In subsequent mowings the blades can be gradually lowered until they are set to about 1.2cm. Avoid giving the new lawn hard wear for the first year.


1). When the grass reaches about 4cm high, sweep off worm casts and other debris. Take care not to scuff the surface.

2). Lightly roll the lawn – the back roller of a cylinder mower with the cutters help up is ideal. This firms the soil and encourages better rooting. About six weeks after sowing, the lawn can be mown for the first time.

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