9 Dial Watering Lance

9 Dial Watering LanceManufactured by Rolson this 9 Dial Watering Lance helps you reach those places a regular spray nozzle can’t. With 9 different adjustable spray patterns there is a water pattern for just about every type of watering ranging from jet to flood.

Lightweight at only 1kg this watering lance has an aluminium construction giving it a strong construction by a light feel when using it for periods of time. The lance has universal coupling giving it a telescopic function ranging from 710mm to 1060mm.

The 9 different spray patterns are cone, centre, fan, flood, shower, angle, flat, jet and mist. Each pattern is different and has been designed for a particular style of watering. To adjust the pattern simply rotate the circular dial head on the lance. This lance connects to a regular hose pipe with female connector.

Often bought by gardeners for their hanging basket but also car washers because it’s great for washing the roof of your car or those other hard to reach areas. For more information on the 9 Dial Watering Lance and to buy online at the lowest price please use the button below.

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