6 Function Hose Spray Gun

6 Function Hose Spray GunWhy spend loads of money on watering equipment when there are cheaper products on the market that do the same job as the more expensive ones. The 6 Function Hose Spray Gun is one of those products because it’s great value for money yet has all the features of a spray gun that is twice the price!

Featuring 6 different spray patterns that include: jet, centre, flat, shower cone, mist and soaker. There is a spray pattern for every situation making this hose gun one to consider if you need a replacement.

Like most other hose guns there is a locking mechanism that means you can spray continuously without having to pull the trigger. With its comfortable cushioned grip this gun can be used for long periods of time.

Fitted with a standard male connector this 6 Function Hose Spray Gun will attach to the majority of hose connectors/hosepipes on the market. With great reviews and a super low price we highly recommend this product. For more information on the 6 Function Hose Spray Gun and to buy online at the lowest price please use the buy button below.

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