50m Reinforced Garden Hose Pipe

50m Reinforced Garden Hose PipeThe majority of hose pipes sold in the UK aren’t reinforced which means they are susceptible to kinking or being crushed. The 50m Reinforced Garden Hose Pipe has a unique design giving it strength and durability.

Made in the UK this hose pipe is non-kinking which will stop the disruption to water flow when using the hose. Designed for general tasks such as watering the garden or washing the car this hose can be used with a range of accessories.

If you attach a hose connector to this product you have the ability to use it with sprinklers, hose guns and lances. The hose is 50 metres in length which means it’s suitable for medium to large sized gardens, if used with a 2-way connector you can extend it to 100 metres.

Ideal for use with a water timer and sprinkler, this hose is great for leaving outside for long periods of time. The sun or any other weather conditions will not damage this hose. For reviews and more information on the 50m Reinforced Garden Hose Pipe please use the button below. Clicking the buy link will take you to the retailer with the lowest price online.

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