50M Professional Non-Kink Hose Pipe

50M Professional Non-Kink Hose PipeThis hose pipe is one of the best on the market today. With its braided 3 layer construction it stops folding and twisting from occurring therefore meaning a smoother watering operation.

Because of its unique construction and high quality materials it has been manufactured with all year use in mind therefore it’s suitable for four season use. This hose pipe also has anti-algae properties and is non-toxic.

The No Torsion system can be seen in the image on the right and we cannot recommend this product highly enough. It’s long length (50 metres) make it ideal for large gardens where you don’t want to keep winding it up. Suitable for use with hose carts and other accessories this hose pipe is an all-rounder but does possess the qualities of a more expensive hose pipe from the likes of Hozelock or Draper.

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