2m Hose Fed Telescopic Brush

2m Hose Fed Telescopic BrushThose of you who take pride in your cleaning your car may be interested in the 2m Hose Fed Telescopic Brush. With soft bristles which clean your car gently this brush will make cleaning your car a piece of cake!

Simply connect the telescopic brush up to a hosepipe and away you go! Easy to hold thanks to its lightweight alloy construction this brush is 2 metres long making it easy to reach around the car. An on/off switch gives maximum control over water flow saving you time and water!

Ideal for when cleaning your car, boat, furniture this 2 metre telescopic brush makes a hard job a lot easier. Fitted with a male connector the 2m Hose Fed Telescopic Brush attaches to the majority of hosepipes on market today.

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