20m Hose Reel Set – Wall Mountable

20m Hose Reel Set - Wall MountableWhy buy a hose reel that is nearly £100 when you can buy one for a quarter of the price? The 20m Hose Reel Set – Wall Mountable is a high quality product that comes with everything you will ever need to water your garden.

The hose reel simply mounts to the wall allowing you to pull out 20 metres of high quality garden hose. Supplied with this set is a 6 dial spray gun giving a number of different spray patterns, 3/4″ tap connector and other accessories.

Nice neutral colours and a great price mean this 20m hose reel set is fantastic value for money. It does exactly what you ask it with no frills. The advantage of having a hose reel is that it allows for tidy storage and will also stop the hosepipe from kinking. Thanks to the included adapters (2 female waterstop connectors and a female hose fitting) you can use other hose accessories with this product such as car brushes or sprinklers.

All the fittings are included with this wall mountable 20m hose reel set allowing you to get it set up in minutes. For more information on this great product and to buy online at the lowest price please use the buy button below.

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