15m x 12mm Superior Soaker Hose

15m x 12mm Superior Soaker HoseThe 15m x 12mm Superior Soaker Hose can be used either above or below ground to provide a watering solution for your plants and soil. Measuring 15 metres in length this soaker hose pipe can be positioned by roots to aid watering.

This hose pipe is extremely versatile and can use placed under soil to help with the growth of plants. Made from recycled rubber this product is environmentally friendly and is used by all kinds of gardener. Supplied with male and female connectors this soaker hose is ready to use straight away.

With a clog-free porous design this hose pipe is very flexible allowing easy positioning. Make light work of watering with a great product such as the 15m x 12mm Superior Soaker Hose and you will wonder how you lived without it!

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