15m Reinforced Quality Hose Pipe

15m Reinforced Quality Hose PipeReinforced hose pipes are becoming more and more popular simply because people are fed up of kinking, twisting and them going flat when someone treads on them! Thanks to the latest construction methods and high quality materials available today reinforced hose pipes are very affordable. For less than £10 and with free delivery you can buy this 15m reinforced quality hose pipe.

This hose pipe is cadmium and barium free and comes with a 8 year manufacturers warranty to give you peace of mind. With a burst pressure rating of 24 bar, this hose pipe is incredibly strong and durable therefore it can deal with water surges.

The 15 metre hose pipe has a 3 ply construction giving it a high level of strength and durability. Ideal for use in the garden, washing the car or for commercial use, this hose pipe won’t let you down. This hose pipe is compatible with a range of accessories such as Hozelock Sprinklers, spray guns and nozzles because it is 1/2″ in diameter (the standard for hose pipes).

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