Best Selling Hosepipes

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A hosepipe provides a convenient means of applying a large amount of water to your garden with minimal effort. You can make do with a simple open-ended hose, using your thumb to regulate the flow of water, but you can greatly improve its versatility by buying a range of special hoe fittings. Start with a tap connector so the hose won’t keep falling off at the garden tap. Threaded types are best if the tap nozzle has an external thread; otherwise go for one with a worm drive clip.

The nozzle secured to the other end of the hose can be adjusted to give various spray patterns or a single jet. Adjust the tap to give the appropriate pressure. Lance and pistol-type nozzles are also available which incorporate an on/off valve – useful if you want to water selectively.

To avoid dragging the hose pipe inadvertently across plants, insert short stakes at the corners of flower and vegetable beds. Slip a length of plastic pipe over each stake to form a guide roller.

Hose pipes are sold in various lengths – 15m and 30m are most common – and in 13mm or 19mm diameter (internal). Most are flexible, sturdy and weather resistant.

You can connect lengths of hose pipe together with both straight and T-couplers (the latter to allow you to run branch pipes, so you can water the lawn and vegetable garden at the same time). The most versatile types are known as automatic connectors, and come in male and female parts, rather like electrical flex connectors. With these it’s a simple matter to unplug and reconnect individual sections of hose pipe, change nozzles at will or fit sprinklers of various patterns.

Some hose pipe connectors incorporate what is known as a water stop; this cuts off the flow of water through that section of hose pipe if you disconnect the coupler, which is useful if you want to change components without having to walk back to the tap. However, waterstop connectors can cause water hammer in the pipework supplying the hose.

Lastly, you have a choice of spray nozzles and guns, many of which incorporate a trigger or other on/off control. Types giving a fine spray are best, since soil can absorb small droplets more quickly than a coarse spray and you are also less likely to damage delicate young plants or injure developing flower buds.

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